How to Save Nature

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Save Nature Save Life

We know that Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need, namely, food, clothing, and shelter. Our ancestors too were completely dependent on nature. Give them full respect for nature. They take how much they need and what they need.

But as civilization progresses, human greed also appreciates them. As the human population increased, more and more damage was done to the environment. They started cutting down the trees of the earth and plowing, killing the animals so that they could take the place where the animal lives, and so on. But this was not allowed.

When industrial trends and global trade arrive, the most devastating destruction is taking place. Now to set up factories the land is needed, so the forest was cleared. To connect every city, mountains were dug to build roads and railways. Dams are also being built to produce increasing demand for electricity. All of this has resulted in a heavy burden on the mother’s natural heart.

Environmental damage caused by Global Warming. Global warming is a rise in temperatures between the air and the ocean near the middle of the 20th century and its expected continuation. As a result of global warming, glaciers will melt and sea levels rise. If it continues, one day the whole world will sink.

Now we have done a lot of damage to the environment, now it is our job to prevent environmental damage. We can all follow simple but effective steps, the following: –

  •  Plant more trees.
  •  Turn off lights when needed.
  •  Use LED instead of bulbs.
  •  Use public transport more.
  •  Use a walking cycle near the distance.
  •  Encourage a car pool.
  •  Use solar energy and wind power for home purposes.
  • Use electric vehicles 
  • Save Forests Save Nature

How to Save Nature “Save Nature Save Life”

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