Masala Dosa Recipe in South Indian Style

Masala Dosa Recipe | Zdaybook
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Masala Dosa Recipe in South Indian Style

This recipe is very popular on the south side and throughout India. This recipe can be served with breakfast, lunch and dinner. make high-fat content. This recipe is popular with everyone. this Indian style recipe is also widely eaten by all Indian Indians. It is a long way to go but it is worth it.this recipe in south india style popular madras street food & also made with rice and many other ingredients given below;


Ingredients for this recipe on the Indian Indian style stage add 1 ½ cups of rice and add ½ cup rad dal add water as needed add some salt put 1 onion, finely chopped add 1 to 2 green slips, chopped then take 1 Tbs ghee or butter add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds add 1/2 tsp chana dal then add some curry leaves put 1/2 tsp haldi powder and potatoes 2 boiled.

How to make this recipe in southern Indian style is given here

* soak rice and urad dal both but also take different dishes for 4-6 hours and stain it and take Process rice and urad dal batter to grind and While grinding add water at the same time until we reach the same as pancake batter add some salt to taste and Cover the batter and leave it overnight.

Prepare Dosa filling: Add some oil or ghee Add mustard seeds and chana dal. then Shake mixer over flame until golden brown. Add the curry leaves, green chilies, and onions. Then add the turmeric powder and salt to taste. Stir well Divide the boiled potatoes into small pieces and mix well and remove the mixture from the bowl. take dosa dough with it and make it suitable

Take the dosa mixture in a small bowl with a low surface and place the Pour batter in a greased skillet. Immediately, starting at the center, begin to form a circular shape with batter using a low-level container.

  • Slightly raise the edges of the dosa residue. carefully roll to serve
  • wrap around the edge of the residue and pull as you can.
  •  Remove masala dosa from hot dish
  • Masala Dosa is served with coc

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Masala Dosa Recipe in South Indian Style

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