Our Solar System: An Overview

Our Solar System
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Our Solar System

The sun is at the center of the solar system, and it is the only source of light. Hydrogen, which is formed from hydrogen in the Sun. As a result of this process is energy that is generated. Our sun is a medium-sized star.

There were 9 planets in our solar system, but after a deep study of the planets-Pluto was stripped of its status. The names of the planets are: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and pluto. Of these, only the 5 planets that can be seen with the naked eye. Uranus and Neptune are far away from the Earth, so they can’t see it.

The planet Earth the most beautiful planet in the Coarmandal system, and it is the only planet on which life exists. The only satellite of the earth, the earth’s Moon. Earth: the blue planet.

it also has a number of dwarf planets such as Pluto, the planet Pluto is in Hindi, it is a seed of the planet. Pluto was also within the category of the planets, and for the first time, but it is also in orbit around the planet’s Oceans, along the path of the Sun, and it’s also very small in size.

There is also an asteroid in our solar system, the asteroid, which is located between the planets Mars and Jupiter. This is a huge number. They also have an orbit around the sun.

Rocks can be found in our own solar system, and it can be of two types. There is a small window that has been destroyed by burning in the atmosphere of the Earth. Second of all, it is very meteoritic bodies that it does not burn when it is in the orbit of the Earth and colliding with the earth.

In the north, in that it is in an orbit around the Sun. Also known as ?????????? It is a star, and is composed of a mixture of ice and dust, and gasses. Our solar system is a comet by the name of Elijah, who appears every 76 years. Now, you can see it in 2062.


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Our Solar System: An Overview

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