Programming in C

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What is C?

It is one of the oldest editing languages ​​still in existence, having been published in 1973. Operating systems and device drivers are usually written in C, because the language is at a low level and depends on very few factors, which is an important requirement for applications. It can also be adjusted to work faster, another important requirement.

So why should you read it today, if you are not interested in operating systems or device drivers? One important reason is that language has a profound effect. Modern languages ​​such as C ++ and Java have very similarities to C, and learning C will make it easier to learn those languages ​​in the future, as they share the same syntax and common design features.

Additionally, C compels you to think about what other languages ​​will go through. For example, directions. Pointers are a very powerful tool that is essential for many computer science applications, but only at C the need to use it is very clear. Without knowing the directions, you won’t be able to write useful apps. And even if you don’t use that information in the future, you’ll be able to make better use of algorithms and data structures in your code if you know the sub-methods used to build them.

This also applies to memory management. If you need a strong memory, you have to hand it out and release it from the pile, otherwise you run into problems with memory loss. There are no categories, so you have to define elements and unions, two types of data that you can use to capture more than one variable at a time without the help of an object-focused program. Also, this forces you to think at a lower level and actually understand computer science concepts instead of simply typing blocks together.

It is true that in many programs, using C creates more problems than solving them. For anything you do not do at a low level, it is usually easier to use high quality language and it is tasks instead of trying to do everything by hand. However, even if you do not use C in the future, your system in other languages ​​will improve because you know the basic principles of the tools and libraries you use, so that you can use the correct function instead of guessing.

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In conclusion, C’s simplicity is what makes it so powerful of a language.

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